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Best app on the store, period.

Thanks to this app I am now able to fulfill my dream and use my iPad Pro as my main computer. And again thanks to this app it is more powerful than my MacBook Air in so many ways! I am just in love with Workflow and recommend it to everyone.

Good but ...

I would love more "AppleScript" like option and runing a script in background. Also its not very nice to see the "script" bacground when you are runing a script, I think you should create an "App Launcher" like page : run the script when pressing the icons without showing the actually script, use force touch to change the settings of the script.

Geniale App

Automator für iOS! Perfekt


I have like 15 really useful workflows this is the future kind of

Another great automation tool

I love the idea of making something new out of what you have available to you. This is another tool to help string tasks and apps together and bring some automation to iOS.


so powerful i havent even scratched the surface yet.

Very good but has shortcomings

Decent but some things (e.g.: fancy text handling and conversion) require other paid apps. No iCloud syncing? Sorry, I dont want to sync workflows which may contain private info through your own servers.

Te best ap ever

I love this app despite little bugs. Best money ever spent.


Thank you.

How did you do that???

People ask me how I do things on my iPhone. Usually the answer is Workflow. I consider it to be essential.

The best workflow extension maker yet for iOS.

By far and away the best workflow creation App available to date. I use both this and "IFTTT" and I am a huge fan of both. Knowing that the majority of the more sophisticated iOS users are well aware of the "sandboxing" limitation, but as we all know they are are also a major security component within the Apple iOS/OS ecosphere. It does seem appropriate, for example, that Apple take a more proactive role in monitoring these ratings in Claro clarifying factual inaccuracies or flaws of fact, without changing or affecting the basic thrust of the review conveyed. For example, in certain posts below, some of the "Shortcomings" are clearly a direct result of apples intentionally designed architecture ("sandboxing") and in such a case, its unfair to point a finger at the apps developer. This App is a keeper!.

Best Creative app

Need this app to extend iOS capability. Even who dont understand the workflow can use the sample flows! Plus, you can launch workflows with launcher widget.

A local IFTTT :D

The app speaks for itself, get it. Now.

A Truly Presidential App

Ask not what you can do for your iOS device, ask what your iOS device can do for you. With Workflow 1.5, your iOS device can go to the moon and do the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Four score and seven years ago, Workflow was just a measly, fledging app sitting at number one on the app store. But now, Workflow is all over: on iPhone, on iPad, on iPod Touch, on Apple Watch, even on The Verge. So, finally, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing you have to download is Workflow itself.

A great, great app.

Ive created workflows to read me the days headlines, report the weather forecast and remind me to bring an umbrella, track my travel expenses, text my wife my ETA and more. A great way to automate your iPhone.


Given the protections/limitations of iOS, Workflow really provides as much flexibility and functionality as it can, in an easy-to-us package.

Gets even better!

Anyone who does repetitive actions on their iDevice or has something they do all of the time, this is a great app. The interactions with other apps are fantastic. This is one of those apps that is worth twice or three times the price you are paying and the developer keeps making it better!! This version is much smoother than previous. They do a great job! I only wish this app ran on OS X!!

Perfect in every way.

This app was 5 stars on day one. Now with the updates, its beyond that.

Fantastic app!!!

Fantastic app!!!

App Crashing While Running Workflows

Since the update, running workflows is causing the app to crash. These workflows were working perfectly before the app was updated. Always good to know that downward compatibility with customer workflows isnt relevant to the company.

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