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Workflow app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1232 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: Apple
Current version: 1.7.8, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 11 Dec 2014
App size: 107.76 Mb

Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Workflow includes over 200 actions, including those for Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud Drive, and Health, to name a few.

For example, you can use Workflow to:
* Make animated GIFs
* Add a home screen icon that calls a loved one
* Make PDFs from Safari or any app with a share sheet
* Get directions to the nearest coffee shop in one tap
* Tweet the song youre listening to
* Get all of the images on a web page
* Send a message including the last screenshot you took
* And so much more...

Your workflow creations can be launched from inside the Workflow app, from other apps using Workflows Action Extension, or from our new lightning-fast Today Widget. You can even export a workflow as a standalone app on your home screen.

Workflow opens up infinite possibilities of what you can do with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

Pros and cons of Workflow app for iPhone and iPad

Workflow app good for

Thanks to this app I am now able to fulfill my dream and use my iPad Pro as my main computer. And again thanks to this app it is more powerful than my MacBook Air in so many ways! I am just in love with Workflow and recommend it to everyone.
I have like 15 really useful Workflows this is the future kind of
I love the idea of making something new out of what you have available to you. This is another tool to help string tasks and apps together and bring some automation to iOS.
Decent but some things (e.g.: fancy text handling and conversion) require other paid apps. No iCloud syncing? Sorry, I dont want to sync Workflows which may contain private info through your own servers.
People ask me how I do things on my iPhone. Usually the answer is Workflow. I consider it to be essential.
By far and away the best Workflow creation App available to date. I use both this and "IFTTT" and I am a huge fan of both. Knowing that the majority of the more sophisticated iOS users are well aware of the "sandboxing" limitation, but as we all know they are are also a major security component within the Apple iOS/OS ecosphere. It does seem appropriate, for example, that Apple take a more proactive role in monitoring these ratings in Claro clarifying factual inaccuracies or flaws of fact, without changing or affecting the basic thrust of the review conveyed. For example, in certain posts below, some of the "Shortcomings" are clearly a direct result of apples intentionally designed architecture ("sandboxing") and in such a case, its unfair to point a finger at the apps developer. This App is a keeper!.

Some bad moments

Since the update, running Workflows is causing the app to crash. These Workflows were working perfectly before the app was updated. Always good to know that downward compatibility with customer Workflows isnt relevant to the company.
Scripts are too complicated to write in your own. Doesnt exactly deliver as advertised.
I dont know if my problem is with Workflow or with the new Day One 2. Ever since both Apps updated recently all my Workflows that Ive created to open and add data to my Day One 2 stopped working! I use this feature in my job and need this fixed! Note: This message is also going out to Day One.
It would be of help to specify the expertise required to benefit from such a program. I purchased this product after it was reviewed by an expert who did not specify that. It may deserve a 5 star to those who have knowledge of the subject. I wonder how would the developer can remedy that if is a 1 star for the novice
The app is a little slow. It takes a couple of steps just to get to the function you created. It constantly crashes on the Apple Watch. Doesnt work at all. Just to send a message on the Apple Watch it Hans off to the phone. Defeats the purpose having it on the watch. It desperately needs fixing.
I hate the fact that I couldnt get a clear idea of what it can be used for before to buy it. Now I know that its not possible to use it to process emails other than sending ones.

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