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Automator для iOS, не меньше. Отличный функционал, прекрасная реализация, 5 баллов.

Крутой визуальный скриптинг!

Надежное и клёвое приложение для автоматизации разных действий. Automator для iOS, кто понимает. В некоторых action существуют проблемы с обработкой кириллицы. Есть переменные и циклы и regexp, но обычные люди вполне обойдутся и без них - интерфейс не запутанный и логичный. Можно вынести созданное действие на Home Screen или в глобальное контекстное меню iOS. Есть поддержка X-Callback URL, а значит вся мощь приложения Launch доступна и здесь (оттуда их можно скопировать). Я в восторге! :) Это мой самый длинный отзыв за долгие годы iosоводства.


Программа интересная, бесспорно. Пока не придумал, что со всем этим делать :)


Очень нужное и незаменимое приложение для пряморуких людей. Лучшее в своем роде.

Отличный Автоматор.


Отличная визуальная автоматизация

Отличное приложение!

Много готовых рецептов для автоматизации задач.


Обман, верните деньги!

Пустая трата денег!

Нет никаких функций что показано. Верните деньги!!!!

Обман ! Не рабочее приложение

Ничего не работает. Все что описано в статье отсутствует. Ни одного шаблона. Верните деньги, жулики

Future hopes

This is such a great app, and i know once apple converts it fully to “Shortcuts” it will be even better. I truly hope that someone will add line by line stepping with output information to this so you can see what is happening at each step of the workflow. That would make this perfect.

very nice

çok güzel

Great, but Flawed

Think client side IfTTT (or Tasker lite if you’re familiar with Android development) .... seems to be a lot of juice here, but more of the workflows I’ve downloaded have been broken than otherwise. It would be nice if there was a way to report those, too. At any rate it seems easy enough to learn with a lot going on under the hood.

It doesn’t work in the right way

I don’t know way it doesn’t work in the right way... Every time I try to download something it’s the same... Doesn’t work...

كيف الحال

من انتوم

Confusing and too limited

I was interested in this app because I wanted a way to change a setting on my phone and then open an app. If there is a way for Workflow to access my settings, I couldn’t find it. There is also no way to find the so-called widgets screen, if it even exists. Swiping left from the notifications screen always brings up my camera. I heard that Apple may improve or replace this app in iOS 12. If that happens, I’ll give it another try.


I downloaded the app a few week ago but still unable to get myself to understand how it works - this has never happened to me with any type of technology/app/software! There’s a lot going on and it seems a little too complex, yet that makes it intriguing. I will continue to try to understand its language, but until then, a simpler app would have been better.

Great App.

It's Automata on the iOS. Great stuff!

Today widget isn’t working

Love this app one of my fav but the today widget isn’t working log water, when do I leave for work a few I use in a daily basis haven’t worked consistently in a month or so....I’ve sent an email regarding this and no response, please fix and I will update the review, as I use this app daily

Absolutely amazing

I rarely rate things 10 out of 10 here on the App Store. But this is a must have for anyone! It makes life so much easier. It allows almost as much customization as if I had programmed my own app- but better. Just get it, and you will see what I mean

Step in the right direction, but not the actions I need.

Good tool, but need actions for TV, acting on notifications, and to set multiple settings at once.


It’s not working!

Unable to open local file

I'm trying too create a home screen shortcut to open a PDF with a workflow that uses Get File from Dropbox and then opens it in iBook, but apparently GetFile only works if my internet connection is up even though the file I want is already in my device.

A little broken…

I do like it so far, but I noticed how the 3D Touch doesn’t work very well within the app. Tried to delete a workflow using 3D Touch & do get options & “delete” was one of them, but it doesn’t delete the workflow. So I had to use “Edit” to delete it.

Tiene errores para entrar a foto o guardar en fotos, no las guarda

Tiene errores para entrar a fotos y guardar en fotos, no guarda videos en fotos


Every adds or extensions not working

Great app but needs some major improvements

I love this app to let me be able to create easy shortcuts to do so much. However, it could improve if you partner with other apps so you could shortcut like that. Say I wanted to make a shortcut telling my phone whenever you connect to Bluetooth open Spotify and play music, get it? Or open a different maps,weather, or email app? All while using shortcuts. I just feel like with how technology is and is still becoming, there is alot Workflow can offer but just isn't there!!!

Great! But...

This is an extremely powerful app and can do so many things for me but I don’t use Apple Music. Support for Spotify in the future? Google photos?


great app. just get it already!

Very useful app!

I’m just getting into automating computer tasks and found this app. It’s very useful and not too difficult to figure out. I’ve downloaded workflows from the gallery and then edited them to suit my uses.

Incredible & Amazing

This app improves my iPhone/iPad experience. (Soon to include the watch). This is a true workflow app. It allows the combination of multiple steps too save time. Four Stars based on this excellence. Five Stars when they allow more features in the tool; - grouping - sorting - etc.

Useful - But Doesn’t Work Through iOS Widget

This app is cool with how it can interface with many different parts of iOS. But it falls down with its widget support. Any workflow which requires input from the person - whether via predefined selections or manual entry - will crash and fail when running from the Workflow Widget. This makes the app very un-useful because that means I must now open the app and fin the workflow and launch it from within the app. If I’m going to do that, I may as well just manually do the task outside the workflow.

িদবিহিচব্ব্চবব্তত্ূ্তুবডন্য নচূ্তূংত্ী

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Very nice

I wondered what I would do with this app after I downloaded, but after a while it made sense. This program takes multiple step processes we do on a smart phone and walks you through it to complete them. It also puts these process on your home screen so all you have to do is open it and you will go through it. Awesome!


very goood

Nice effort

If the sharing option actually worked this would be a neat idea, but it doesn’t, so it isn’t.

I’m Impressed

I’ve been using Apple products exclusively for about 7 years now. I thought I knew everything my current phone was capable of. But with Workflow, I have found a whole new world of functions I never imagined my phone being capable of doing. For a free app, this is very neat.

Fun and easy

Fun and easy

Good, but needs improvement

This is a great concept, but it’s frustrating that it requires you to use only apps that are owned by Apple. I would like to use the music workflows to play music from Spotify, but it’s not an option on this app.

Awesome concept

Great for those that do repetitive task and want to save time. Would love to see a timer option. Maybe on iOS 12


Wish there was a means of keeping open workflows on device rather than needing to re-save to desktop completed or favorited workflows. Also, workflows could be presented somewhat more appealing to the first time user who may expect for a completed workflow to have somewhat of a GUI.

beat app

i found this app recently & OMG so amazing for sure deserve 5 Star



Good start

Overall great interface and examples. Very limited in what it can do at this time - need to be able to initiate workflow based on location, time, and other triggers, as well as support opening and controlling more apps - starting with Apple Podcast.


This app works with all kind of third party apps, and integrates perfectly. I have no complaints. Simply fabulous.

great application

wonderful application

Love the LACK OF In-App Instruction!

• If you want to automate something meaningful, besides “playing your favorite iTunes DRM-protected music” or “”have your Fitbit automatically Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram your latest awesome Nike™ workout”, be prepared for internet research. • During your research you’ll discover all you can do is bullet-#1-type tasks. • Whoopee, jams and workouts by Nike ™ automated! • D-E-L-E-T-I-N-G.

Definitely convenient!

So far, so good! It would be nice to have a little more resources and tutorials, but after some web searching, I got the gist of designing the workflows. I made to one to log my weight, body fat%, then calculate and log lean body mass and BMI in the health app. Definitely simpler than entering them all individually!


Soo good

Not user intuitive

I became so confused about how to set up a "workflow". It is not my first time using an automation app. But this one seems to be built for scientists, not an ordinary Jane like me who just wants to make whatsapp open youtube links in the actual youtube app. I deleted it after a couple days of trying to make it work for me.

Needs Siri Support

Now that this app is owned by Apple, it should have Siri support so that people can say, “Hey Siri, run my _____ Workflow”

One of two indispensable iOS automation tools

iOS automation is alive and well, and Workflow and Drafts 5 are all you need. I love Workflow. It can't do everything you need if you're a serious power user, but it can come close. In addition, it gives you hours of enjoyment building up your workflow actions. If you're even remotely interested in task automation or setting up script-like actions, you have to have Workflow.


Wow, I've needed this app for so long without knowing it


There is a learning curve, but once you figure it out, it is life changing. Things I thought were only possible on my MacBook can be done on a cell phone, related to automation.


This only thing that would make this app even better now that’s it’s controlled by apple would be Deeper OS and Siri integration. I think it could allow Siri to become a lot smarter especially if Siri is allowed to look at preexisting workflows and create new temporary ones to complete a voice task. I can see this app working as a simple backend for a frontend for iOS automation and machine learning. It has so much potential. Especially if Siri is able in the future to deep learn our pronunciation for accuracy.

Has Great Potential

I have not made many widgets yet, but I’ve made a few so far, and they work wonderfully. I personally recommend that for some of the actions (i.e. Share, Open In…) specific apps and locations can be chosen within the widget itself, instead of running the widget and then choosing the location while it is running. Other than small stuff like this, that I’m sure will be worked on with time, this app runs wonderfully.

One star

This app need to be updated and most of add-ons doesn’t work, why did apple bought this while they can’t keep it up to date and enhanced like any app.

Cool to play around with, can make iOS really work for pros

Workflow is a great way to automate multi-step and multi-app processes on iOS. If you’ve ever been frustrated that the seemingly-only way to accomplish a complex task is to tap, tap, tap, scroll, select, tap, invoke app switcher, slide, slide, tap, tap, app switcher, slide, complete task (if sadistic them you’re required to repeat this over and over). Instead, Workflow gives you a bright gallery of common automated tasks and lets you select and customize them to your needs. Best to start here, but you can explore by sliding your finger from right to left, revealing neatly categorized workflow bits that you can piece together in novel ways to do a lot of cool stuff. You can invoke Workflows from the app itself, but it’s more seamless to invoke the app’s widget and you’ll get a block of colorful-mini bar buttons - you can choose which of them are shown here. You can also have Workflows as Action items which appear in the iOS Share sheet as a single Workflow icon which pulls up an page of your designated Action items to use on whatever you are ‘sharing.’ This could be a web page (URL, entire page, just the article, picture(s), pdf, etc.), some selected text, a document, an image, and more. You can choose what your workflow action accepts when you create it. Workflows can also be accessed by 3D/Force Touching the app icon or by creating a ‘app’ icon for your home screen that launches that workflow once pressed. One of my own workflows is a share action which adds the article/text, the title, the date, and the URL of a web page to the Title, Date and text of a new Note in Notes. It’s a more basic Evernote clipper but for Notes (which only saves the page URL if you access through it’s share extensions). I have others that rotate multiple selected pictures in your photo library at your choice of 90 degree increments. Or re-save multiple selected PNG Images, convert them and save the newly much smaller sizes. So many possibilities, and the drag and dropping of the component boxes makes what happens very explicit. There’s lots more than I can quickly mention - it’s a great way to learn more about automation and add some of it to your life in iOS.

Nice but

Nice app but there are no new updates or new tools since a while

The missing link!

Automating my needs on my watch. Very nice!

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