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Automator для iOS, не меньше. Отличный функционал, прекрасная реализация, 5 баллов.

Крутой визуальный скриптинг!

Надежное и клёвое приложение для автоматизации разных действий. Automator для iOS, кто понимает. В некоторых action существуют проблемы с обработкой кириллицы. Есть переменные и циклы и regexp, но обычные люди вполне обойдутся и без них - интерфейс не запутанный и логичный. Можно вынести созданное действие на Home Screen или в глобальное контекстное меню iOS. Есть поддержка X-Callback URL, а значит вся мощь приложения Launch доступна и здесь (оттуда их можно скопировать). Я в восторге! :) Это мой самый длинный отзыв за долгие годы iosоводства.


Программа интересная, бесспорно. Пока не придумал, что со всем этим делать :)


Очень нужное и незаменимое приложение для пряморуких людей. Лучшее в своем роде.

Отличный Автоматор.


Отличная визуальная автоматизация

Отличное приложение!

Много готовых рецептов для автоматизации задач.


Обман, верните деньги!

Пустая трата денег!

Нет никаких функций что показано. Верните деньги!!!!

Обман ! Не рабочее приложение

Ничего не работает. Все что описано в статье отсутствует. Ни одного шаблона. Верните деньги, жулики

Really useful, could be better

I mostly wish there was a way to debug why certain workflows take too long or don’t work as designed. But otherwise, I’m very happy! UPDATE 4/18/18 I'm noticing recently that my workflows for music are not working as expected in two ways: 1. Clear Up Next is not working at all. 2. The Find Music function is not sorting my music by album track number.


Awesome app!

Lots of functionality

Love it! They just need to add new apps like google drive and add more iOS controls.

Please Apple

Don't kill this great app!

Broken in 11.3

Widgets are completely broken in iOS 11.3. Don’t download.

There is potential

It have potential to become a better app but unfortunately at the current time it is lacking features and simplicity of use.

Amazingly powerful, can’t wait for more!

Awesome access to powerful iPhone functions I’m so happy Apple decided to empower their users like this. Would it be possible to add a suggestions box in the forums? It would be awesome to access system and app setting from within work flow, like the music EQ, and assistive touch. Also love the compatibility with Pythonista. I can’t wait to do more, with the awesome tools! Thanks Apple!

Brilliant concept, doesn't work when needed

In theory this is a savior app. I can get over the fact that it's a little cumbersome to create workflows - you gotta spend some time reading, watching tutorials, experimenting. But the bad part is that it is often of not always "Unable to load", defeating the purpose.


Super cool app, especially now that it’s free 😂😂

My today widget won’t load

I have about 20 workflows in my today widget, I can record a video to show you what I’m talking about, is anyone else reporting this? It’s with the new iOS 11.3 update for me.

Solution in search of “Problems”

Could not find one workflow that’s “must have.” NOTICEABLE lag when activating a workflow, so much so that some flows are better achieved by directly accessing appropriate app from Home screen or App Switcher. Just saying: this LONG time Mac (1986) and iPhone user (2009) found Workflow totally expendable. “D-E-L-E-T-E”



Awesome but needs google suite integration.

Workflow is fantastic and can do more than any other app. But it is incredible that it does not support google suite integration. Please add this!

Not useful, do everything with Siri

Just use Siri. Once you start looking through the available workflows that are out there you’ll find that the vast majority of them are worthless, unless you really think you were going to time a load of laundry. You will come across some that you think might be useful, and then you’ll realize that playing your favorite playlist can be done easily with Siri. Unless you want to spend hours trying to write some glorified macro. Now if you could really use this app to make a Workflow that actually performs something that the iPhone is lacking, like converting an email into a to do list or reminder then it would be a different story.

Connects the dots and fills the gaps

Using Workflow is amazing. With it I have been able to hack together photo caption apps and field log apps, as well as quick reminder apps and quick timers. Works with many other iOS apps to connect the dots and simplify your work.



My favorite app

I love this app and it is so fun to use. At first I just used other people work flows and then a graduated to building my own.


The app seems to run as described and seems stable. One little stumbling block: I created a Workflow to display 20 events that appear in a specific Calendar. One of those events is a recurring event, every week, at the same time. Unfortunately it only appears once in the specific 20 event selection, I assigned in the Workflow. It appears that the designers eliminated recurring events to display multiple times.

Let me get to the business

I keep trying to use Workflow, but none of the provided workflows are remotely interesting to me. Let me skip the BS and get to using the app.

Workflow 1.7.8

Using IOS APPS made fun, enables fine tuning & combining of iOS Apps best features into a series of actions RUN by CLICKING ONE BUTTON, app-like. NEEDS a DEBUG/TRACING mode SO EACH ACTION’S OUTPUT CAN BE viewed like DEBUG or LIKE TRACE in LABVIEW minus WIRING. For example, if text is being manipulated, it should be VIEWABLE when DEGUGGING the WORKFLOW. בובי

Great Functionality!

Fairly easy to use. So powerful. Wish I found this sooner!

Good, but flawed

This app has potential but some workflows just don't work, like the guitar chord finder. Also text in descriptions is too small to read.


Simplicidade e praticidade num só aplicativos e o q torna seu iPhone a peça mais automática em tarefas..

My Favorite App

So please don’t kill it, Apple. While I’m at it...also, please don’t kill Automator either! Hope those rumors are not true.

My favorite iOS app

I use this app everyday to manage my health data and plan my day. It is so good I wish it got more attention by Apple, since it really adds functionality to my phone and has potential to do so much more.

Your Time Will Be Rewarded

I found this app a bit frustrating at first, but after reading, listening to the excellent podcasts on Canvas by Spiers and Viticci, and lots of experimentation I've come to love it. This is a powerful tool that allows one to automate tasks with an elegance few other iOS utilities can match. It's a great time saver and a lot of fun! The developers are (obviously) brilliant. They are also enthusiastic, producing a continuous stream of enhancements and new features. For me, access to photos metadata is easily worth the price of the app, but that's just a small fraction of the vast array of capabilities.

Where’s the b”Back arrow or Done button????

No way to leave Settings in specific Workflow.

iCloud syncing

This app is now for Apple. Why it doesn’t use iCloud for syncing and asks us to login into a separate account? Also this account kicks me out if there’s a network connection issue.

Edit Image Still Crashes / Produces Nothing

Seeing that the update claims to have fixed the issue, I came back to find out again that all my app extensions involving Blur / Enhance Edit Image actions still produce no results saved into my photos album. The “Continue Workflow in App” preceding Edit Image still causes a crash, always. I have patiently waited 4 months for this, 3 months alone to get any response from you guys. I’m giving 3 stars because other workflows still work, but the experience regarding bug fixes is definitely not ok. Please fix.

Meme maker

Meme maker immediately crashes upon opening it. Was really looking forward to the actions on workflow. Have only opened 3 of them and only 2 work.

The app doesn't work

If possible, working on fixes for download on Facebook not working

Unable to work with Music

Before I update my iPhone X to iOS 11.2.5 Workflow worked properly with Music. However, now it just does not respond if there is any music-related actions in the workflow. It does not respond even when I try to reinstall it on my iPhone X and grant the access to Music.


i lovet

Best App Ever

Great App I cant wait to see how far it will go.




Super useful app! 😊

Great app! But there is a potentially serious problem with the watch complication

This is a very powerful app that I’ve enjoyed using for a long time with an iPhone. I now have an Apple Watch and I’ve begun using it with the Workflow complication. BEWARE. When you touch the complication it opens WF but it also executes one of your workflows. I’m not sure how it is deciding which one but this can be a real problem depending on what it selects. I hope Apple fixes this and continues to enhance this extremely useful app especially with its watch integration.

Powerful and fun, but has room for improvement

Workflow is a really great app. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the preexisting workflows provided in the app, but also very much enjoy making my own. I do wish, however, that more features and apps would be included. For example, I’d love to be able to go and perform actions in individual apps (like Clock, to set alarms or specific alarm sounds). If Workflow can be a bit more ubiquitous, I’ll be one happy guy.

So useful

Something I can’t live without

Super confusing

I’m not an amateur at this kind of thing but for the life of me I can’t figure this app out. I simply CANNOT get a workflow to work on my Apple Watch.

Great App Until Its Not

I used to use this app to automate editing of images for some iOS apps. For the last several months, perhaps since last September, the “Edit Image” function crashes the app. IF there had been a fix in a reasonable amount of time, I would not be leaving this review. Waiting several months to fix a bug that hard crashes the app for using one of its core features is just not realistic. When the app fixes this big, I’ll revise my review.

Love it

Would love a little bit more tutoring on how to use.

Google maps is no longer supported!

Google maps is no longer supported which is okay if Apple maps works in all countries, but it does not!

Too too much time!

Seemed very complicated to set up. That app didn’t autoFind my music. I never got anything from the App & deleted it.


Won’t even let you access it unless you choose one of the pre-chosen options first. None of them are of use/value to me and there’s no work around so I’m done with you. Probably as useless/mistake-filled as IFTTT anyway.

Nice automation, and easy to use

Nice automation, and easy to use. It has taken me a while to figure out the best way to use workflows and how to use them, but the more I use it, the more I like it.

Initial thoughts

I got this app bc it seemed interesting and useful. I’ve only had this app for about 30 minutes now, but here are my initial thoughts: 1- at the very beginning I was slightly confused trying to add my music 2- then I was slightly confused on how to add it as a widget 3- I was slightly confused how to use and maneuver the app All of these problems were quickly solved when I looked back at the steps. Although only having it for this short amount of time, I can see a me using this a lot. This app is a definite download in my book. I see a bright future in this app for my phone as I find more and more uses. Great app!

e do work then it would be awesome

So far I love the app it’s isn’t great idea as long as it’s working excellent I mean I’ve only had it for a couple days but the problem I’m having so far is my music and video playlist from YouTube I can’t seem to get them on Workflow if I could do that it would just be freaking awesome

Flexible and awesome, but can be annoying

This app is amazing. It can automate a lot of things, and saves a lot of time. A few problems I have though: > Whenever I want to run a workflow from inside the app, it takes me to the workflow and then runs it. Can there be like a “Play” button that runs the workflow without going into it? > The widget is very finicky with what it can and can’t do without unlocking the phone and going into the app. I don’t know how you would fix this, but it can be frustrating sometimes. They’re just minor annoyances that barely take away from the great automation you’ll get with this app. (also, NO IN APP PURCHASES! :D)


I have been blown away with this app!! definitely recommended by me. (If you know how to use it) A good place to start practice for something like this is scratch programming. It’s very useful and works very nicely. Also has a brief tutorial. The functions are great too. (Sometimes is difficult to achieve what you want but if you try, it works) LOVE IT!!

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