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Automator для iOS, не меньше. Отличный функционал, прекрасная реализация, 5 баллов.

Крутой визуальный скриптинг!

Надежное и клёвое приложение для автоматизации разных действий. Automator для iOS, кто понимает. В некоторых action существуют проблемы с обработкой кириллицы. Есть переменные и циклы и regexp, но обычные люди вполне обойдутся и без них - интерфейс не запутанный и логичный. Можно вынести созданное действие на Home Screen или в глобальное контекстное меню iOS. Есть поддержка X-Callback URL, а значит вся мощь приложения Launch доступна и здесь (оттуда их можно скопировать). Я в восторге! :) Это мой самый длинный отзыв за долгие годы iosоводства.


Программа интересная, бесспорно. Пока не придумал, что со всем этим делать :)


Очень нужное и незаменимое приложение для пряморуких людей. Лучшее в своем роде.

Отличный Автоматор.


Отличная визуальная автоматизация

Отличное приложение!

Много готовых рецептов для автоматизации задач.


Обман, верните деньги!

Пустая трата денег!

Нет никаких функций что показано. Верните деньги!!!!

Обман ! Не рабочее приложение

Ничего не работает. Все что описано в статье отсутствует. Ни одного шаблона. Верните деньги, жулики

Not yet usable for the Business Professional

Concept is absolutely fantastic, but it lacks the integration with nearly anything I use my phone for (and I use my phone for almost everything). Create edit or use Word? Nope. Send notes to OneNote? Nope. Add events to Outlook Calendar? Nope. Upload documents to server? Nope. This app is powerful for the lay person that wants a slightly quicker way to upload photos to Facebook or any other social network. But for the business professional, this tool is severely lacking. As it can do almost nothing I had hoped it can. Bottom line: if you’re a college student or younger, this app can help you with most of your daily activities. If you’re older than 21, it’s not likely to be of much use to you.

Great app!

Workflow is awesome! I’m not a power user by any means, but it’s really helpful towards productivity. I used to use autohotkey on my windows machine at work for a few simple scripts; Workflow is that solution on iOS. Thanks for the great app!

Enhancement for powerful app

One feature that would make workflow more powerful is the ability to invoke an app and then have the invoked App mark a reminder as complete. For example I have a reminder every day to weight myself. My linked workflow allows me to enter my weight. It then stores it into Apple health, calculates my BMI and stores that into Apple health. I then select done in workflow. I then have to manually mark the reminder as completed. I would like the “done” in workflow to automatically mark the reminder as complete.

Apple Watch must have!

Great way to make your Apple Watch do a host of cool things.

If only....

There is only one thing that keeps this from being a five star review and that is the ability to launch workflows automatically. If I could launch based on time or location or some other variable, this would be an amazing app. I’ve already created a couple of workflows. One, a log of shoulder pain, does need to be launched manually. When my pain level changes, something I have no way to monitor with tech, I tap the icon and answer a series of questions about what I was doing and choose my pain level from a menu that reminds me what each level feels like based on a chart I was given. Without that chart I tend to underestimate my pain by quite a bit. The workflow then posts the data to the top of a note in Evernote that I can then show my doctor. This has been very helpful. The other workflow is one I wish I could automate to run at a specified time. It gathers weather data from and posts it to the top of a weather log. I do have an ifttt applet that does launch automatically, but you can’t format it the way I would like and it can only append to a note and not prepend. If I could automagically launch workflows I would find many more uses for the app. Still, this app is very worthwhile and was worth purchasing when I did. I think it is free now that Apple acquired it.

The answer to so many prayers!

Amazing app, been a fan since it was released... Am very happy Apple ended up acquiring it... I have a workflow for practically everything... It would be amazing if the app allowed the user to save files automatically to any folder in not just to iCloud/workflow folder... and if there was a fix to the image editing crash bug that appeared in 1.7.7

العراق بغداد

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Wonderfully fabulous!

I’ve built so many workflows. It’s easy, fun and productive. Love it!



Most powerful automation tool

I love this app. It is extremely powerful. I wish they had a university course to actually learn to program it

Today widget is completely broken

Press widget button, nothing happens

Very useful

Saves me time doing little tasks, especially related to clipboards, evernote, slack and other apps i use frequently


هل تصدقون شيء ..بسبب هذا التطبيق الرائع لقد ابتعدت عن الجلبريك...ان الدافع الاول لي لعمل جلبريك لجهازي هو صعوبة تنزيل مقاطع الفيديو من مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي واليوتيوب وغيرها من القيود .. ان هذا التطبيق اعطى لي مساحه واسعة امام القيود التي فرضتها ابل على الايفون وبدون هذا التطبيق فان الايفون جهاز رائع جدا وامين ...!!! وممل بسبب هذه القيود ...لذا فان هذا التطبيق جعل استخدام الجهاز ...سهل وممتع..!!

One of the best apps in AppStore ever

A wonderful app you must have and try on your iOS device. You can make workflows by constructing logical blocks of actions, like an algorithm but easily because the app it's intuitive and versatile, so you can power up your iPhone or iPad in too many ways. If you ever had a Mac, you maybe know Automator; well, this app works like that.

Download from Facebook

Please try to fix the downloading problem in Facebook its not work properly so I think need to update the program because we faced this problem when we updated our iPhones to the iOS 11.


I haven’t seen any new features added since apple brought the company

Bugs piling up

Since Apple acquired Workflow, the quality has steadily declined. Some of my vital workflows no longer work, and the developers confirmed they know about the problems, yet months go by with no fixes. A once great app, I can no longer recommend it.

Meme or any image manipulation doesn’t work

Since last update, and I do not know if iOS or app any image manipulation will immediately crash. Any suggestion ... anyway app is awesome but this Is pity ...

Awesome App

I really love this app. My one complaint would be the option to lock a workflow from editing once you’ve got the recipe down. It’s too easy to accidentally move something or delete it. With many lines of code, this can be very cumbersome to replace.

Meme maker blows up on first step

Meme maker kills the app when selecting the picture.

Confused 😳

It was working good then i don’t know what happened I can’t download videos from YouTube,Facebook,Instagram & Twitter Something went’s bad Can you fixed this 🙏

Great. Powerful. Fun

The app that I love the most because it has the most potential. Fun to use and powerful.

Top 5 App

Workflow is on the first apps I install when setting up my devices.


Lovely as always

Being able to do things that used to required a computer is lovely

Hasn’t worked right in over a month (still)

It STILL keeps telling me WebKit has encountered an internal error whenever I try to add home screen buttons. Fix this!

Must have for any productivity

Can't say enough about this app. Always the first app I download on a new device.

Bajando Videos

Tremendamente bueno y fácil para bajar videos al teléfono gracias...!!

Great App

Just please if you can fix some bugs like when I want to play a video that I downloaded it from Facebook, it's going too fast not a normal video. So please fix this problem


It does not work

Workflow complication broken

Love the app, but launching from the Apple Watch complication shows the play button and nothing else.

no longer good

Since apple took over, it seems like it can almost do less.

Can’t create new workflow

I tried using the app. At the end of it’s annoying intro that starts every time you start the app, there is no way to create a new workflow. It tries to force you to start with one they already templated. DOA as far as I’m concerned.


Super useful! 😊




My review keeps getting deleted. But since Apple acquired this app it has become useless crap. Half the workflows don’t work and crash immediately. Want to make a meme? Just click the workflow for it and choose a photo...oh wait, it immediately crashes to the home screen. Uninstall and reinstall, no change. Support? Why would Apple actually support one of their apps? I mean they have to focus on newer and more expensive hardware to price gouge us with. I’ve sent repeated bug reports and customer service requests...and never gotten a reply.

Hugely helpful, but needs to be schedulable

I have workflows that I want to run regularly. I need them to be run based on something like a clock timer/alarm, an iOS Calendar entry, or being triggered by an automation app like IFTTT or Stringify.

Pretty powerful...

If you know what you’re doing. However, this makes complex workflows doable with a little bit of research.

Great tool for iOS workflows

I have created a number of very useful workflows. Once you get the hang of it, it’s relatively easy to create quite complex workflows. The iPad interface in particular is easy to use. The one feature I’d like to see added is the capability to run workflows at set times or locations.

Awesome workflow!


The best

The best automation tool available


Crashes on adding actions to workflow...


I cannot express how excited I am to find that Apple even has an application of this nature. However, after playing with it for a few hours, I am growing.... frustrated. Even most of the pre-created workflows do not function as expected. The ones that work, work awesome! The widget is what gives this program life-changing potential. Let’s just hope Apple spends the time and money to get this app RIGHT.

Please don’t kill off this app.



Sometimes bad 👎

Useless really, even by Apple.

The things it can do are kid level. Where is the functions to turn WiFi when arrive home, send eta when I leave work everything should work without my involvement. Other “options out there have this features.... if you know what I mean....

Very good

More examples for 5 stars. More comments in delivered workflows. This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is programming. For example there is no and or or operator with the if statement so you have to know how to stack or nest your statements to get the same result. But I am very happy and very distracted.

Great App

Thank you so much Apple for this great App, it helped me so much to download any video from social network.

Best App, especially if you’re a programmer

This app is awesome if you like to automate and customize your devices. I think that the reason I love it so much may be because it’s a simpler version of programming, which I already love

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