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Automator для iOS, не меньше. Отличный функционал, прекрасная реализация, 5 баллов.

Крутой визуальный скриптинг!

Надежное и клёвое приложение для автоматизации разных действий. Automator для iOS, кто понимает. В некоторых action существуют проблемы с обработкой кириллицы. Есть переменные и циклы и regexp, но обычные люди вполне обойдутся и без них - интерфейс не запутанный и логичный. Можно вынести созданное действие на Home Screen или в глобальное контекстное меню iOS. Есть поддержка X-Callback URL, а значит вся мощь приложения Launch доступна и здесь (оттуда их можно скопировать). Я в восторге! :) Это мой самый длинный отзыв за долгие годы iosоводства.


Программа интересная, бесспорно. Пока не придумал, что со всем этим делать :)


Очень нужное и незаменимое приложение для пряморуких людей. Лучшее в своем роде.

Отличный Автоматор.


Отличная визуальная автоматизация

Отличное приложение!

Много готовых рецептов для автоматизации задач.


Обман, верните деньги!

Пустая трата денег!

Нет никаких функций что показано. Верните деньги!!!!

Обман ! Не рабочее приложение

Ничего не работает. Все что описано в статье отсутствует. Ни одного шаблона. Верните деньги, жулики

Had to switch Siri to English from spanish

Siri wouldn’t pickup commands I was trying to give when I was using Spanish. Also some shortcuts I’ve setup such as log my weight requires me to unlock my phone and type the number, I should be able to dictate the number, I don’t get voice feedback once the screen to log my weight is open.

Loved it before Apple broke it.

I used workflow everyday!! I build several recipes that were all based around shrinking and cropping photos and doing light color treatment. It was fast and easy. Sending lower sized images on text was faster especially if you have low connectivity. Who needs an 8mb image when a 260k image is perfectly acceptable? Now my recipes still work for resizing thankfully, but why Apple did you remove almost all the photo functions? No more editor only Markup!?! It is at best a poor PDF tool that doesn't work well for that. Please return photo editing functionality. Sometimes I don't want to Take an photo in camera, open it, edit in one of my 15 photo edit tools, save it back only then to run my "shortcut". Shortcut is supposed to save me time!! Now it is all but useless, I will still shrink some photos but now I will just go back to using an editor. Could you not add access to the Photos app and all its tools? Seems like a no brainier to build functionality into all your own apps like settings and photos? Please fix it.

Filters need a "NOT in the last __ timeframe"option

There is a need for a filter where the output is NOT within a recent timeframe, rather than only an out that IS within a recent timeframe.

Lacking basic functions

Generally this app has the potential to access much more data. Python is good,smooth and easy to code. But the basic functions such as locking screen is needed. Also,some links with home app crash and not work properly.


It was doing well while setting up certain shortcuts. Tried setting up a tip calculator and now it keeps crashing

Need Spotify

Spotify is a very popular music app that so many user find useful daily. It will be awesome if shortcut add spotify playlist and direct play just like they did in apple music shortcut.

Disappointed it doesn’t have Apple Watch complications

I’m extremely disappointed that they removed Watch complications to quickly run shortcuts. I’m guessing they assumed people would just want to use Siri with them but sometimes you don’t want to blurt out something to Siri to run your shortcuts. I’m mean what if you wanted to use in a meeting? I sure miss this functionality that was available with Workflows. I do like the new look but was hoping since Apple acquired this app they would have added more functionality not taken some away to push the use of Siri, which by the way is very slow and not nearly as smooth as I’ve come to expect from Apple.

Wish I could go back to Workflow

Upgraded my iPhone to iOS12 and my Watch and then it installed an update from Workflow to Shortcuts. Shortcuts has no Apple Watch app and doesn’t provide any means to access the Shortcut buttons that I still have on my phone. Really wish I could use the buttons on my Watch...

Needs more functionality

Can you guys add AirPlay automation? Overall ok. Access to third party apps is extremely limited as has been the case with Siri from the beginning. At the same time Amazon adds more and more access. Reminds me of the Mac/Windows wars of the 80s/90s. We know who won that one..

IFTTT functionality is removed

This was the only for me to use this app. Sadly, Apple killed it for me.

Muy buena app

Esta app es muy buena, hacia mucho tiemponecesitaba algo asi, a veces se cierra en mi Iphone 5s cuando intento crear un nuevo atajo pero aun asi la amo. Excelente app

Doesn't work.

All I want to do is clear my music queue. There is a built-in "Clear Up Next" shortcut in this Apple app. But tapping it does absolutely nothing.

Feels like a bolt on to keep you in Apple ecosystem

Support for third party apps is paltry. This is a big deal because both Safari and iOS Mail are really crappy apps and I prefer third party apps. My suggestion is to check out the Microsoft Flow app as an alternative to this. It's more mature and useful.


Downloaded app because of the police app which no longer exist

Calculate function is not complete

Calculate function needs the inverse trig functions

Features Needed for 5 stars

1) ability to stop timer. 2) ability to attach a contact file to the text message.

Needs more functions

I like the app and it has some functionality. However, it is not able to do a lot of basic functions that I wish it could. For example, I can only make a shortcut that sets a timer for 30 minutes or 1 hour. No custom time. Also, the ability to create a geofence in a shortcut is much desired. I’d love to create a shortcut that would send a message to someone once I arrived at a certain location.

Limited shortcuts, no updates, needs an App Store

A good feature option for apple users but the shortcuts don’t get updated, none get added, it’s limited to what was released. This app hasn’t been updated once since it’s released. Shortcuts need a fully fledged App Store functionality where people can upload their cuts and download or buy other shortcuts.

Stupid app can't recognize WhatsApp groups

Hello stupid iOS developers! Fix this.

The best application


it's too hard

it's too hard

I do’t get it

Perhaps having a little application so a bunch of repetitive steps on open systems, e.g. CHEF, would be helpful, especially for consistency, accuracy, and. Speed. But your iPhone... really? I know you can apply some rudimentary code to tasks, and also organizing your desk top. ...again, really? So you have 10 pages of apps and you move to shortcuts. Now you. Just added a layer. Not sure where the time saving is. It just as easy to create folders by group. I rated this poorly because I see no value. Good thing It was free.

Shortcuts don’t save much time

I’ve tried a couple of shortcuts and they don’t save much time. Directions to next location, Apple map in car already does that. Send message to xx. Not that hard to just open message app and insert name. Play specific genre of music, takes longer (though with less input from user) to just go into app and select. The don’t see way to move shortcut to screen, so there is the additional step of opening app which adds a step when you aren’t saving much time. What I would really like is a way to clear Safari cache or select a different WiFi connection, but apparently you can’t do that. Really, most of these can already be done by asking Siri.

Missing my Apple Watch support.

Really missing the support for the Apple Watch. Prior to Apple taking over the app this was my primary way of using the app. Sad.

Problems with the app

I love the app and would give it 5 stars but it doesn’t work completely. the iTunes search feature does not work properly. When I try to search for a key term using a shortcut with just searching for a movie I get an error expected 909469719 to be of class nsnumber but got nstaggedpointerstring value did not match expected type. I would love if someone could help with this since apple support didn’t know that they helped with this app and didn’t know how to help with this.

It has pretty good features but...

I like the Download and Dictate to Clipboard Today View actions but other shortcuts like Giphy launches the Shortcut app. I want more unintrusive Shortcuts. Making it launch the app makes the shortcut not so much a shortcut anymore.

Tumblr API is missing

I desperately need tumblr api. How do I revert back to previous version??? This killed my business.

Still needs work

This app is great but still need to access more functions. For instance, if it could pair bluetooth with specific devices or toggling screen recording, it was possible to make really functional shortcuts.

Good job!

Works perfectly! It make things more simple!

Largely Pointless

I like where they’re going with this but in its current state it has extremely limited functionality. It’s kind of strange; even really simple, obvious stuff is missing from a lot of the built in apps. For example, you can get an ETA to a destination from Maps but there’s no way to return any information about the route. So I can get it to tell me how long it’s going to take to get to work in the morning but will not get any indication of which of the numerous routes it’s referring to. Ok, no problem, I’ll get directions and parse out some route details... nope, the only map directions-related actions open the Maps app, you can’t just have it return text. I don’t want or need this because I’m not going to navigate a route I drive multiple times a week, I just want “19 mins via Highway 123”. I’ve thought up a dozen different shortcuts I’ve wanted to make but only had one not turn out to be infeasible the apps limitations. Maybe this will be great after a couple years of development. Right now, it’s a novelty.

As useless as 3D Touch/Concept app

So much hype from sheeple and Reddit trolls. App wouldn't be THAT bad if Siri worked, but even so. This app is so limited, complicated, buggy, and flaky it's not worth even experimenting with unless you have no friends and a social life outside your phone. Don't waste your time.

Workflow worked on Apple Watch, Shortcuts doesn’t

Why mess with a good thing? Workflow was great and I mostly used it for logging data throughout the day on my Apple Watch. Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to log in breakfast and Workflow has disappeared. Of course it had been replaced with Shortcuts on the phone and tablet. For me, the lack of Apple Watch support dragged a 4 star app down to 1 star.


Went from workflow to short cuts what do I do please help me get back to work flow app

Great App

I love this app. I have created several shortcuts that save time and help with some small business functions. I just wish there was a way to put data into an excel spreadsheet. I have been putting data into Evernote, but the capabilities for future data use are limited.

Unable to load in widgets

Why does this keep happening?

Cool idea but too restrictive

There haven’t been a great many new pre-made shortcuts, and creating my own shortcuts is restrictive. Stuff like (actually) turning off wifi or Bluetooth is not allowed. Maybe in time it’ll be more useful.

App crashes on iPhone se

App crashes when trying to make a new shortcut


This has made my phone 10/10 Smarter! THANK YOU! 🙏🏼

App unresponsive

Sometimes the app do not work or do what u Expect to do it like turn Bluetooth off or on a error screen Appear

Low functionality

Can not identify apps with the same name and do not have a direct option to pause the program and run an app, and resume the program after exiting the app. Overall you can only do a very limited number of things with it.

Do NOT Install

I installed this application on my 64gb iPhone X and immediately had severe issues with approximately half the apps and the operating system. Apps would not open. I would attempt to open YouTube and it would be stuck on the white screen with the red play button. After 10-20 seconds, the app would crash. You could watch it do this all day. The same story goes for other high profile applications like Instagram, Facebook, CNBC, Wells Fargo, and many, many more. I could not update applications. I would see the update in the App Store and attempt to update the app but it would never download. It took overnight to update one 50MB application. Battery life took a massive decline. I went from an all day device to a 2 hour device. I cannot check for OS updates. This is an issue which arose during the moment I installed shortcuts and is still an issue today. The upside is screen time and the battery information can once again calculate their values. These are not the only issues which arose after the installation of shortcuts. I highly recommend to NOT install this application. As a comment of the features and functionality of this application, there is nothing this app offers which is not easily found or within direct reach.

Love this!

More gallery examples please. Also please add capability to play sound in find my iPhone.

Confusing to say the least


There are few options for handling system configurations

Could you just please add on the option for switching the VPN on/off?

Wack can’t make a shortcut for Spotify


Some steps in shortcuts don’t work right

It used to be that steps involving exiting apps and opening others worked instantly and seamlessly, but after change to Shortcuts app from Workflow, these don’t work that way anymore. Might as well not bother putting app switching or exit steps in there because they won’t run. So disappointed. Shopping for a replacement as of now. 😡🤬👎🏻

The idea is great, but not intuitive at all, not very Apple like

The idea of the app is great. And it cuts down on a lot of daily activities, but man does the UI just plain stink. If you have a lot of actions (more than 15) then it starts to get really annoying to use. These actions take up a lot of vertical space so scrolling is 80% of creating a shortcut. Seriously need a shortcut to make shortcuts. When you insert a shortcut it automatically goes to the very bottom, so lucky you, you get to do more scrolling, and even more if you want to put that action at the very top. This just isn’t good design for Apple. Why can’t we insert an action where we want with a drag n drop from the action menu? Why isn’t there a faster way to scroll to where you need to go? For example, pinch to zoom out to see more actions or for faster scrolling. Beyond that, some actions are pretty buggy. Maps, for example. ‘Enable an alarm’ doesn’t actually enable an alarm, just opens the clock app. If you cancel that enable alarm action while it’s running it will freeze your shortcut. Sometimes (sometimes meaning frequently) when you use a magic variable all the actions placements get skewed and move around. If you select one, sometimes it accepts the input but doesn’t actually place it in the action. Also there is no real documentation on what actions do what. There is a little sentence but that’s it. It doesn’t tell you what happens if something fails, or what should happen, nor does it give you options to check for errors. The biggest issue is creating on an iPhone. They take up too much vertical space and waiting and waiting and waiting while your holding an action at the top for it to scroll up is just plain annoying. It just doesn’t feel polished. With that said, it’s a great idea. Is a lot of fun to use when you get comfortable with it.

Unsure about app

Developer is listed as Apple, but the seller is DeskConnect inc. which is it? Unsure if this is a valid app or a Trojan horse.

Annoying bugs

Great potential, but kind of buggy. Most of my shortcuts are music based, but when I build one that uses the “Get Current Song” function, it does not return the current song, rather it returns the song I was listening to the last time I ran the script. Needs improvement

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